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Wandering in Oregon (66)

I suspect that I am designating myself a wanderer, going from place to place, hopefully not in a totally aimless fashion. In this case, wandering throughout the state of Oregon - a place of endlessly fascinating views and vistas. Enjoy.

Updated Thursday, November 20 2014 @ 02:06 AM CST


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    Regaining Myself

    This has been a challenging year in many ways but especially because of the falls I took that led to a lot of fear on my part. Would I dislocate my shoulder again? Am I getting too old to go off by myself on photo trips? The sort of thing that can eat away at your Do I have to stop being the me that I have enjoyed developing? You can laugh, but the timing of these accidents with my 65th birthday year did shake me up. I stayed closer to home, didn't roam as much on my own - things like that. Last week's ice brought the whole thing to a head. I was afraid to go out of the house and my husband had to convince me to go out in the evening to a meeting that I help run. I didn't like the way I acted, There's caution and there's paranoia. Yesterday I decided to do something about it - my husband had shown me a photo someone took up at Multnomah Falls with all the ice that still transformed the waterfall into a winter wonderland. He remarked that it was too bad that we hadn't gotten to go up there over the weekend. I was bummed that I had missed the sight. But then I decided to take the chance and drive out there - by myself. No friend or husband to babysit, The winds in the Gorge were still plenty strong though nowhere near what they had been. But I kept on and reached the parking lot. And got out of the car and took a few shots. Then looked at the snow and ice near the sidewalk and debated whether I should try without a helping hand. And I did and I walked right up to the waterfall and got soem gorgeous pictures. And, perhaps, even more importantly, I regained some of my confidence. Hooray! Am I 100% yet? No way, but I'm on the road. .

    I'm posting up the pictures so you can see what I saw. It was great!

    Mary ·
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    To the coast: Tillamook to Cannon Beach

    Mark and I took the opportunity to get away last Friday and drove to the coast. For this trip we decided to start at Tillamook, home of the famous cheese and wonderful ice cream so we drove through the patches of fog across the coast range to the land of ice cream. (And yes, even though it wasn't lunch time we stopped for some - Mark got Rocky Road & I got a hot fudge sundae with strawberry ice cream. YUM! (Good thing we had some beach walking ahead of us!) There were lots of men out in boats fishing as well as the occasional angler on the shore. I think salmon may be running, but don't quote me on that. I know nothing about fishing except to bait a hook with a worm and toss it into the water and hope. (Last time I fished was when I was ten.) After stopping to catch a few shots there we meandered northward along 101 through Garibaldi and Rockaway. We stopped and beach walked in Rockaway - Mark has fond childhood memories of spending a part of his summer vacations in a cabin there. If you're following map we continued on up thyrough Wheeler (great antique shop there!) and on up to Cannon Beach where we finally had lunch. And then we walked that beach. Cannon Beach is home to Haystack Rock, always a wonderful subject for those of us addicted to cameras. It's well-named - a huge piece of volcanic rock at the endge of the ocean - there are many like it along the Oregon coast, but if you say the name most folks will know you're talking about the one at Cannon Beach. For an Oregon Beach it was also very crowded, (Anyone from other parts of the world will laugh at our idea of a crowded beach.)

    Our last stop for the day was in Ecola State Park - twenty-three years ago on October we completed our cross-country trip from the Atlantic Ocean at Portland, Maine to Portlend, Oregon. It took us another week to get to the Pacific Ocean as we had to deal with the little details of settling in and finding work. Nothing that important. So Happy Anniversary to us as residents of Oregon. Mark grew up here, but I am definitely a transplant.

    You can find a few pictures from this trip on my Oregon Coast album.

    Keep smiling, Mary ·
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    How to have a complicated year....

    2014 has turned out to be one of those very complicated and interesting years that make it hard to squeeze in blogging. Here's a quick synopsis:

    1) Bathroom leak leads to new bathroom
    2) Son falls in love with lovely young lady, gets engaged and married all within four months
    3) Trip and fall and dislocate shoulder for the third time in recent years
    4) Recover from shoulder & then slip and fall and fracture fibula (Small leg bone) Also mess up the knee and ankle.
    5) Son and daughter-in-law take us up on invitation to live with us while getting rid of student debt etc. and we are on to another remodeling job to fix up the space.

    Sounds grim, but actually it hasn't been - I've enjoyed a lot of the year - my new daughter-in-law is a wonderful girl and we share some interests besides my son. They had the most relaxed wedding reception I have ever seen - just enough touches of tradition but without receiving lines and all that stuff.. Lots of people stepped up to help too which made my life as organizer much easier. And we are looking forward to have more people living in the house again. Being an empty-nester is great, but it's hard to cook for two. With the shoulder, I knew what to expect and it healed faster this time. The leg - well - it was a rainy day at the camp where I work each summer and I had just gotten some great pictures at archery before I stepped on a slippery spot and fell. I managed to wlk around on it for four days bef it swelled up so it wasn't as serious as it could have been, And this was something that could have happened to anyone. During my recovery I also picked up the fun of creating a storyline with legos and other toys and expanding my photoshop skills. Not so bad!

    So now it's fall and I'm out and about taking pictures during my favorite season of the year. I love those colors and the rainy days and I'll start updating the photo albums too - summer pictures as well as the new ones. Thanks for your patience if you've been chacking in and I will post more often now.

    Mary ·
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    A Very Busy Year . . .

    I cannot believe how long it's been since I've posted here - but I do have a lot of legitimate reasons. Honest. Back in March, my son and his girlfriend announced that they were getting married - at the end of April!!! That certainly changed the direction of our lives. And with the help of a lot of good people the wedding came off smoothly and the reception was one of the most relaxed I've ever attended. We had a cake made by a friend from church which was so good another friend tried to hire her for his upcoming wedding, And this same friend went to all of her neighbors to ask if she could cut their lilacs to decorate the hall. The hall smelled heavenly. Other friends donated their gifts of music. Still more took care of the food and punch so I could enjoy being the mom of the groom. We are told it takes a village to raise a child. That same village can come together to help that child get married. It was a wonderful day. Oh yes, we had friends who took care of the official photos so I could just take pictures without worrying if I was missing some important moment when I visited with friends and relatives.

    That took care of April - May began with a trip and a fall and a dislocated shoulder. Ouch. This is the third time I've managed to do this and it's getting very old - time to take the pledge to be more kind to my shoulder. But I still managed to find ways to take pictures using my cell phone when I couldn't handle much of any weight and then I got to move up my list of cameras until I reached the magic moment when I went out yesterday with my big camera and no nursemaid and got some fun bird shots. Yea!

    So what's next? Lots of photo opps as I do my summer job at a day camp and talk my husband into as many road trips as I can. Birthdays, holidays and festivals....and no more dislocating shoulders!!!!!

    Keep smiling,

    Mary ·
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    Spring has Sprung!

    There are flowers blooming, the sun is peeking out in between the showers - someone would think it was spring. Oh, it is spring! Cool. So I've started to add spring flowers to my albums. We had a perfect spring day last Saturday. Mark and I abandoned all home chores to drive down to the Capital Building in Salem and take pictures of the gloriously blooming cherry trees and the fountains and the building itself. No Oregonian needs to go to Washington, DC for the cherry blossoms. We have them everywhere but at the capital they are grouped together and it's wonderful to walk through a archway of the trees reaching up above your head. Anyway - I'm babbling. Enjoy spring!

    Mary ·
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    February Adventures

    Here we are at the end of February and I'm ready to take a breather. This has been a busy month here - my son got engaged to a lovely young lady which was the biggest event in our personal lives. Now it's time to get crazy with wedding preparations. Interesting thought: what will it be like to photograph a wedding while I am the mother of the groom? Have to ponder that one. Besides the sound of upcoming wedding bells, however, we had actual, measurable snow here in the Portland area! That grounded me at home for several days, but didn't stop me from getting a lot of pictures, Our hill is a designated sledding hill which means we had kids of all ages out in front of the house on sleds, saucers, snow boards and even some cross country skiers! You have to understand that snow in Portland proper is a rare event so everyone takes advantage when it happens. The last time we had sledders out front was in 2008! Snow is a big deal here although much more common when you get up into the Cascades & coast ranges.

    I also had the pleasure of photographing a production by the Elevation Youth Ensemble: A Mini Midsummer's Night Dream - the cast ranged from quite young up to the teens and they all did a fantastic job. They are directed by Angela Hughey and, if you are in the Portland area, well worth seeing when they put on their plays.

    And now we are approaching March and spring and the birds of the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden near Reed College are getting extremely active as the males show off for the females in their finest plumage. It's an exciting time to be out studying the birds. You should try it if you haven't already.

    Meanwhile - I've got to run. Cub Scout Pack Meeting tonight and I need to pick up balloons and cups and stuff like that. Have a great day and take lots of pictures - they are a wonderful way to jumpstart your memories.

    Mary ·
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    The season's over. . . .

    Hope everyone got through the holidays with health and a lot of fun. We had some fun but I was dealing with a pair of sickies - first my son, then my husband. Luckily I seem to have avoided it. (Knock wood) Anyway, I do have a confession - after all my brave talk on postponing any thoughts of getting a new camera and sensibly paying off bills, I fell right off the wagon and bought a Sony NEX-6 with an 18-200 mm zoom lens. Take my word for it, a person should never go "window shopping" when they're trying to resist temptation. Mark and I visited the camera shop and I got play with the camera. My resolve began to crumble. I sensibly told the clerk I wasn't making a decision right then and we got out of the store to walk around the block. And then Mark looked at me and said we should go back and get it. So much for strength of will. I do love many things about the NEX-6 - the feel of the camera in my hand is wonderful for one thing. I never would have guessed how losing the mirror from a DSLR would make such a difference in size. I get mostly good pictures but this will not replace my Canon 60D for action shots, at least not until I know it better. And I am working on that.

    We're having an unusually dry and foggy winter here in Portland and until last night I mostly just sighed, knowing that my photo chances would be few in comparison to snowy days or sunny ones. Then I decided to embrace the fog. Sounds weird, doesn't it? But I had been doing a portrait shot indoors for some friends and when I came out the fog had deepened as the day turned to night. I decided to see what I could get in a heavy fog and was pleased to see that the fog can be interesting. I'm adding a folder of the shots. Check them out. I think you'll see what I mean.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the new year, take lots of pictures and share them.

    Keep smiling,

    Mary ·
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    'Tis the Season

    Jingle Bells and ho, ho, ho - it's that time of year again. Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. This is truly one of my favorite seasons of the year. But it's also one of the hardest to deal with. Why? Time is an obvious answer and is part of the problem. There's never enough of it to get all the activities that sound so very tempting done. But that's not my biggest problem. Neither is the decorating, baking, or shopping for others, although I do wish my husband would give me a better idea of what he wants. (Some day I may take him seriously when he says that all he wants is for all of us to be happy.) Nope - my biggest problem is keeping my own 'wants' down to a reasonable, ir budgetary, level. It seems like every year someone comes out with a new camera, lens or flash that I desperately want to add to my collection. Or maybe it's a new plug-in or program that will make my photographic life easier if only I come up with the big bucks to buy. After all, it's Christmas. Don't I deserve a wonderful gift too?

    Well the answer to that is, yes, of course I deserve it. The roadblock is: can we afford it? For example, after our trip to Brazil in October I realized that the big DSLR is awkward when walking around in many places. (I've run tino that feeling sometimes here in Portland, too.) I wound up using my Canon G12 almost exclusively and I got good pictures, but not as good as I would have with the big camera. So now my heart is set on a whole new camera body and lens-set: mirrorless. They are smaller and lighter and have gotten great reviews, but are not truly in our budget this year. Does this stop me from whining or whimpering? No, of course not. My will power is good, but not that good.

    So the challenge will be for me to be a mature, reasonable adult and enjoy the season without the new toys I desperately crave. I do have a lot of blessings including the fact that my son is home from his 2-year church mission to Brazil. So my Christmas wish is that I be mature enough to be happy even while craving gear that I can't have . . .yet. 2014 is another year. Who knows what might happen.

    Tchau, Mary
    Happy Thanksgiving! ·
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    Where'd the time go?????

    How did we get from August to November so quickly? When I was a kid the weeks stretched on so very slowly - would it ever be Halloween? Christmas? My birthday? Now I turn around and months have flown by. This year I have a better excuse than most for neglecting my blog since we were making all the arrangements for our trip to Brazil to get John and see a hint of the world he's lived in for the last two years and then that busy, happy week while we were in Goiania with John and then back home to the beginning of the holiday season. Yikes! I want to slow down the world just a tad so I can have the time to savor what I'm doing at any one time. I'll bet you all do too. More later, though - I've got to dash off to the next project.

    Mary :D ·
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    Too much summer

    You really can have too much of a good thing. For example, this summer has been sunny, dry and very long. We've had nearly two months of almost perfect summer weather and I am now saying, 'enough!' I want a week of Oregon drizzle not the almost non-existent squirt in the dirt we've had. I want the skies to have a multitude of changing clouds, all kinds of clouds from soft white & fluffy to periods of gray. I want an end to dust on everything. And I want bright, glorious colors which show up naturally in the spring and fall. Heck, I want to start an album here called "Wandering through the rain." Thank you for letting me rant. The changes will come in their own good time. I know that, but every once in awhile I have to just rant a little.

    Meanwhile - I've added a few more pictures to the summer album including the brief moment when I was rained upon this summer. (it was heavenly!) There's a gorgeous sunset and a little bit more.

    And before I head off looking for yet another sunset - a reminder - in a few months I will probably be complaining about too much rain. We humans are natural complainers after all.

    Keep smiling,

    Mary ·
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